It’s time for another good old fashioned Lookerland link dump because all you good-looking people deserve no less.

The Nip Slip documents Ariana Grande’s bouncing boob on SNL.

The Chive recounts some of the fun, more obscure hijinks gotten into by the crazy gang on Star Trek.

Woman asks Ruin My Week if it’s OK to reject the engagement ring her boyfriend originally bought for his ex. Guys, you’ve got to get your girlfriend a new ring.

Watch SpaceX’s starship prototype attempt at Popular Mechanics

Germaine Love makes an extremely hot appearance on Heyman Hustle.

ESPN reports Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is leading an investor group which has agreed to buy the XFL.

The Blemish breaks the bad news to all the nerds who were ‘freaking out’ because Twitch streamer Pokimane has a boyfriend

Speaking of Twitch, Vox offers an explanation of the Twitch/Trump drama. It’s legit problematic.

Lurk & Perv has compiled a gallery of pics of the very lovely Alex Abbate.

Are we living in a computer simulation? Vox considers it a solid maybe.

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