Townscaper, by Oskar Stålberg, is a procedural generation city-building toy with an oceanic, medieval aesthetic and minimalist design. As of now, it’s a bare-bones click-and-build experience with no gameplay to speak of, in early access while the developer explores ways to expand the game – but the foundation is already very strong as a nifty little digital doodling tool.

Stålberg’s intent was to release the game on early access as a means of seeing how people interact with it in order to figure out its direction and what features to add.

According to Stålberg, “Townscaper will be out of early access when I feel the main features have been validated and the game is confirmed to be mostly bug free. My estimation is this will take roughly 4 months.”

The game looks really good and in its finished state promises to be a wonderful new addition to the city-building game genre.

Townscaper is available on early release on STEAM:

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