Mike Tagliere at Fantasy Pros has posted their Offensive Line Rankings and Fantasy Impact for the 2020 season, which includes many of the usual suspects, but wasn’t without its surprises. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know the quality of a team’s offensive line has considerable, direct impact on running back performance. Some highlights:

Dallas Cowboys at 1

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the list the Dallas Cowboys coming in at number 1. They are clearly a formidable unit, but with the ever increasing frequency of injuries and the loss of Travis Frederick, seeing them at the top of the list is unexpected.

Indianapolis Colts at 2

While they’re considered by most to be the top offensive line in the NFL, the difference between the top 5 units is minimal so while we’re not going to split hairs. One thing that is certain though is that this will be the best offensive line Philip Rivers has ever played behind. By a mile. Rivers may not have a lot left in the tank, but with a superior running game and a top 2 offensive line he will at least have time in the pocket.

Detroit Lions at 8

They’ve been a work in progress for the last few seasons but their work may now be complete as this line is poised to surprise. Look for their running game to final get going behind what could become a top 3 offensive line.

Los Angeles Rams at 30

How the mighty have fallen. Despite all the Rams’ talent at the running back position this season, it is going to be tough sledding behind this underwhelming, mostly-no name unit.

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